7 reasons for trying Chloe Ting challenge that may change your views

Chloe Ting Challenge

Doing the Chloe Ting challenge was neither a coincidence nor a high chance incidence of me coming across a viral trend. Up until summer 2020, I have never heard about her. Chloe Ting is an Australian YouTuber who has influenced people across the globe with her workout programs. While her YouTube channel has been around for almost a decade now, one of her fitness videos—”Get Abs in Two Weeks”— went viral last year. With quarantine in place, millions of people found her program particularly suited for at-home workouts.

Now, at some point, we all have been there, where we come across a fitness challenge, give it a thought, and then for some reason, talk ourselves out of it.

Whether you have heard about Chloe Ting challenge or learning about her for the first time over here, this post will why this one might be worth a shot, or not, for you.

I have been doing her workouts for more than a month now. Read on to find:

  • How did I get here
  • Why didn’t I talk myself out of it?
My Chloe Ting Challenge
Work out videos on IGTV

Here’s my workout story

A year ago, I moved from an apartment, with a great gym facility, to a house. Busy work schedule and commute hours wouldn’t let me make time for driving to a gym or class enrollments. However, I was passionate about staying fit.

Somehow, I have to make it work for myself, I thought.

Based on the resources I had, I figured the best possible alternative is having a few things set up at home to take advantage of my backyard. I started by getting a jump rope for cardio, a couple of weights for strengthening exercises, and of course, an exercise mat. Then, I built a realistic 30 minutes workout plan that I could fit in my schedule on weekdays. And on weekends, I went to boxing classes. Altogether, it was a solid weekly plan.

Six months passed, and things were going fine. Shortly after, COVID happened, and quarantine was in place. Not having to go boxing made me sad. Although, the good thing was that the lockdown freed up my work commute time. With hope, I pledged I would allot a part of that time on working out more and better.

I extended my workout from 30-minutes to an hour to include boxing practice. Excitedly, I installed a punching bag to continue learning the new skill that I embarked on three months before the stay-at-home orders took place. Thanks to the on-demand training videos by the Title Boxing Club, I was able to practice the drills at home by myself.

I was making progress, and loving it because I enjoyed working out in the fresh air in my backyard where I had set up my punching bag, weights, etc. As if quarantine wasn’t enough, one fine morning, I woke up from the sound of a thunderstorm, seeing a pretty fascinating lightening. That unfateful morning affected California residents in the months to come.

Many people had bigger things to worry about like, evacuation orders, or the possibility of it, health concerns from unhealthy air all around, going out for quintessential activities like health check-ups or groceries.

While counting my blessing, I was busy solving a small problem that is how to work out indoors. There was no ideal space that I had in my mind for housing my weights and re-installing my punching bags.

Life as we know it. Start something new, and the universe conspires to throw problems at you. Next, you face it with brevity. And then the universe is like, great, let’s help you out. Relatable much?


Curious about how do people work out in an apartment with no equipment or props, I started looking for alternatives. You have probably done this, too. In my search pursuit, I stumbled on Chloe Ting challenge. I saw many of her videos multiple times and decided to give it a go.

My short workout videos on IGTV

7 reasons why I tried Chloe Ting challenge

I’m on my 45th day of this workout sequence as I write this article.

I took on four workout challenges at once all at once and I did it in this particular order.

The popularity of the video was not the only thing that drew me towards taking up this challenge. If you’re thinking of taking on one or more of these challenges, here’s my validation on the benefits of Chloe Ting challenge:

  1. It doesn’t require any equipment or props, just an exercise mat
  2. You can do it indoors, and it doesn’t demand a lot of space.
  3. Involves much lower risk as compared to doing weights or other high-impact training in the absence of a trainer
  4. If you have never tried High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) before, this could be a great place to start as the workouts are fun and the videos are a delight to watch
  5. Works well with your schedule as the workout programs are modular. You can start with one 15-minute or four 15 minutes workouts.
  6. Most of the exercises are unisex and so much fun to do. You could partner up with your spouse, friend, or family member.
  7. The results are worth it – low risk, high intensity, medium-high rewards (based on your eating habits)

Sure, you might like working out in the gym or going to group fitness classes. But, maximizing life indoors is the new normal. Sometimes confinement can help us focus better.

Are you interested in trying out but finding it daunting? Knowing what it would take to start and stick to these workouts would perhaps ease you out. And setting the right expectation would help you stay motivated. If you feel you need some more information in deciding to sign up for this, check out more on my journey. I talk about my modifications, learnings, and reviews.