A step-by-step guide to completing Chloe Ting challenge

Chloe Ting Challenge

I took four different 14-day Chloe Ting challenge and continued the workouts for a month from thereon. For those of you who don’t know, Chloe Ting is an Australian YouTuber who has influenced people across the globe with her workout programs. Her website houses several free workout programs to choose from it. While social media is full of trending workout challenges, here are seven reasons why this one might be worth spending your time on.

How I did Chloe Ting challenge

Instead of directly picking one or more of her tailor-made programs, I decided to take a different approach. Let me tell you why.

All of her videos target specific goals, and the titles are self-explanatory. Wanting to carve out a full-body workout based on my personal needs and goals, I thought, why not take the benefit of the modularity. Plus, having my custom workout sequence on a Tabata timer app helped me focus more. That is because I wasn’t distracted by comparing myself to Chloe Ting while doing the workout. Instead, I watched her videos beforehand (which are very motivating, by the way!), a few times to learn enough so I could keep a check on my posture and technique. Also, this way, I was able to play my choice of music.

I took on four workout challenges and added it as a sequence in my timer app in this particular order:

I’m sharing an overview of my custom workout program over here. If this matched your goals, feel free to take this and try out as it is. Or, you could design your own. Of course, the easiest way is to follow one of her programs as it is, and you could always start with that first. I have to say there were a very few moments where I tried to talk myself out of it. That’s a good sign!

What do you need to get started?

Here’s the good news. This one is a low maintenance workout program. You would only need the following:

  1. Exercise mat
  2. Performance training shoes
  3. Workable hairstyle (this is important as you don’t want to waste time setting your hair during work and rest intervals)


  1. Wipes or towels. You’re going to sweat a lot.
  2. Water (option- especially if you choose to do a long sequence of more than three workouts)

Let me walk you through my phase by phase experience.

Things to know before you start Chloe Ting challenge


The transformational online pictures of two weeks programs are indeed tempting. In truth, results are always relative to our commitment to working out and eating well. From the very beginning, I was in complete acceptance with the fact that my eating habit would influence my results.

My main goals were to build strength, lean muscles, and tone my body more than what I was at the time of starting this workout. I would suggest setting the right expectations and goals based on what you plan to commit.


In the beginning, I had to push myself hard. The workouts were intense, and the breaks, oh, you would wish it lasted longer!

I can’t stress enough the importance of hydration throughout the day in increasing your physical and mental ability to stick to the workout in the early days. Also, make sure you’re not working out barefoot on your mat. I recommend wearing performance training shoes designed for the cross-fit type of training.


Initially, you would likely focus on just getting the workout done. Don’t worry about the quality or intensity at this point. Try to honor the breaks as much as you can. If you do end up taking more breaks or end up eating into your work intervals with delayed transitions, please don’t be hard on yourself. That’s completely natural.

I went through the same process, and it does get better with time. To suit my flexibility level, I did modify a few sets of the workouts. Chloe Ting mentions on her website that it’s alright to do so. That’s why I encourage you to take this approach, and not deter from this path only because you could not mirror the steps, posture, and pace with Chloe Ting!

Sticking to the Chloe Ting challenge

Around day 5 – day 8 is where your body gets warmed up, and you’re doing things better and minting more out of the workout. By now, you will start getting a glimpse of the rewards.

In my second week, I noticed lean muscles building up, and each of my focus areas was starting to tone up. Although I was checking on my scale to log it in for a month over month progress, I wasn’t recording myself or taking pictures of me every day. However, I did record my sessions about every 4th day. Also, I took a few photos along the way to continue to stay motivated through the results that I was seeing. I would suggest you do that to keep yourself excited through it.

The last mile of Chloe Ting challenge

By the end of the 2nd week, I knew all the exercises, and so I was able to transition faster. My flexibility also increased, allowing me to fully get into all the postures and make the most out of it.

That was the time when I hit the reward cycle, meaning I saw noticeable results. I noticed the capacity of my body to handle the intensity of the workout increased. I was willing to push for more during the exercise, but the body would crave rest afterward. And so I did take day-offs when needed.

At this point, you should pat your shoulders and gift yourself a little something as a token of encouragement. Perhaps a new activewear top or shorts? 🙂

Chloe Ting 2 week challenge and beyond

By the time I completed my two weeks, I was enjoying and appreciating it even more. I pushed myself more to go above a notch.

What I mean to say it, there are nuances that you could finesse to keep getting the most out of the workouts. For instance, doing mountain climber faster than before or stretching legs farther in the rainbow pose.

Tip: Free yourself from self-denial. It’s important to acknowledge we’re not all at the same point in the fitness journey. The results would depend on where you began, how consistently you followed the workouts, and your eating discipline.

If you’re just getting started or rebounding after years, I believe this workout has the potential to get you significant results. The good thing is if you start it and you stick to it, you will get there sooner or later. If you were moderately fit before trying this one, you might not see dramatic transformations like the ones floating around on the internet. If you’re shooting for six-packs, this might not be the ideal series. I was moderately fit at the time I started. Having done it for 45 days alongside following a balanced diet, I can tell you I built muscles, and I felt stronger than before.

You can also watch my review video on why and how I decided to continue with it.