About Me

Hi! I’m Shilpi Sneha

My story

Born and raised in India, I come from a small town, Bokaro. I grew up in an all-girls household, dreaming about things that sounded unachievable but worth chasing. Thanks to my progressive parents and three amazing sisters, the cultural barriers and biases were a little easier to face. Sometimes we succumbed. Other times it was rewarding to break the norms for good! 

I live in San Jose, California and I’m a Product Marketing Manager within the Meraki business unit at Cisco. 

Between then and now, I have worked hard and made a few conscious choices that have served me well. 

Against all adversities amidst the great recession of 2008, I launched my software engineering career at Accenture, a top tech consulting firm. Determined to try new things, work my way up, and make an impact, I took a leap of faith and flew nine thousand miles across the globe to start a new phase. 

With my background, pursuing a STEM job in silicon valley was the path of least resistance. I rocked the boat instead and committed to higher education at Santa Clara University, and switched careers, taking on one of the most dynamic, customer-obsessed, and strategic roles in the job market—product marketing.

It’s not been easy breaking into product marketing as an immigrant South Asian woman in the United States. With very few examples around who look like you, it’s challenging to navigate career growth without interfacing with someone who has a similar path like yours. However, with so many inspirations around and the help of all the supportive allies I met over the last decade, I have come this far and excited to see where I can go from here. 

While I always wanted to join the community of bloggers, this website was born when my friends encouraged me to share my experiences. This is just a beginning. I’m thrilled to experiment, elevate, and grow with your support. 

As I continue to take this journey, I don’t want to keep all my learnings boxed inside. Through different platforms, I want to open up and share my personal experience on overcoming barriers and making everyday life choices. I’m hoping that along the way, you find some of this content useful (and enjoy some silly ones as well) and that we will continue to grow as we build a community of allies. 

Thank you for stopping by! Let’s connect.