Chloe Ting Challenge review: what I wish everyone knew about

Chloe Ting Challenge

So you have heard about Chloe Ting Workout Challenges, and you want to try it but unsure if it’s worth your time and energy. Just like you, I have a busy schedule, and investing in a new fitness series always feels daunting. Having done this for 45 days now, I thought I should share my experience.

In this post, I will focus on the review of the four workouts I tried. To know why I decided to try it and how the experience turned out for me, you can check out my previous posts.

A couple of bonus tips before we dive into the reviews for each of the four Chloe Ting workouts I tried.

Tip 1: Always focus on the part of the body that the workout targets. Notice if you feel it’s getting stretched or not. You should be feeling it where the workout intends to work! If not, chances are you’re either doing it in an incorrect posture or not pushing yourself hard enough.

Tip 2: It’s always good to work out with the mirror on your side to keep a check on the posture. I don’t have one in the space where I exercise but, here’s my hack. If you have glass sliding doors anywhere at your home, see if you can make some space parallel to it. Work out after sunset or before sunrise, because it’s dark outside and that way, you could easily see the reflection.

Alright, here’s what I think about all the four workout sequence in the following order, starting with the hardest one first—the abs!


A combination of planks, crunches, and leg lifts can never let you down. I have to give it her though for putting together a great sequence. It always gets intense enough for me that I scream out loud, and yet, not that crazy that it sounds unachievable.

For me, the two peak points of the abs set is getting into plank right after up and down plank, and then by-cycle crunch right after straight legs knee touch.

The up and down plank is repeated twice. Be sure to lead it with alternate hands each of the time. I usually lead with left arm first, as it’s more difficult. I don’t think this was mentioned clearly in the video.

This workout was the fastest to yield both tangible and intangible results. I could see traces of muscles building in there in within a week. And, my core felt much stronger. I highly recommend this workout.

Lower Abs

It starts on a high with the “Leg Drop-In” set. The slower you do this, the more you feel in your lower abs.

Somehow, this workout never really hit a peak point for me. It stayed at a moderate level throughout.

Agreed the scissors, flutters, and plank taps are all challenging. However, this lower ab workout was good enough for me, and I am not super impressed. I was ok with not seeing as fast of a result as the abs, but honestly, there was also never a point where I felt I was dying.

Not surprisingly, I was dissatisfied with the results. I felt I could push myself more when it comes to lower abs. I would not recommend doing this as a standalone set. Doing it right after abs workout is I feel the best shot at getting the most of it.


These workouts were surprisingly effective and fun to do. I’m not sure what is about it but, I feel it more than just in my butt and glutes. It gets intense all over the body.

I sweat the most in this set. And, with my face facing downwards, I love seeing those drops on the mat. That could be because I have never done a workout focused on my butt before. But seriously, this one is intense around the glutes, and it feels very demanding. But boy, it feels good while when you’re stretching it out. It’s challenging and relaxing at the same time. As for results, I have to admit, I have ever noticed such tautness in my butt before this!

I would give a big thumbs up for this workout.


Many work intervals in this workout, is to some extent, dependable on the flexibility of your lower body. Initially, I modified a couple of them, and it got better with time. For instance, I extend my leg as far as I can or grab my legs around the knees instead of my ankle in the Triangle Leg Raise.

Again, this is similar to my experience with the lower abs—it’s good enough but not great. Probably, using the resistance bands would do the trick? I’m going to try these thigh exercises with the resistance band, and I will let you know how it goes. To me, any thigh workout is not complete without squats and lunges. But in all fairness, Chloe Ting never claims strong legs. This one is thigh slimming exercise, and I did record a half-inch shred. Though I still feel I need more toning.


To put it briefly, I would highly recommend trying the abs and butt workout and the thigh workout with the resistance bands. Not to forget, if above was the result without any diet plan and any additional equipment or props, I wonder how it would be with those in place!

I’m going to try a few of her latest challenges, and this time with props and a planned diet program. I’m curious to see if that drives significantly different results. Stay tuned for this next update. Be sure to know when to come back here if you’re interested.