Easy way to organize hair styling tools

hairstyling tool organizer

None of us like clutter. And cord clutter is something we always go through. 

The hair styling tools are one of the many sources of cord clutter. And most probably you have a few of them at the least. Yes, we can hide it away in a drawer, but it’s rare that we keep just one tool and nothing else in a single drawer. Most often than not, the cord gets mixed up with other stuff kept in the same drawer. It’s not a fun experience to detangle it.  

Also, we’re not able to keep it back until it cools down completely.   

For these reasons, I use the below hair styling tool storage. With this organizer, it’s easy to pull out the tool and to wrap the cord around the tool every time we keep it back. In a way, it will help us to be disciplined about it! It’s compact, and you can keep it on your countertop.