Quick Storage Hacks for Your Jewelry

Jewelry storage and display

We have to agree that the common saying “small things bring joy” is true for the dainty pieces in our jewelry collection. But we all might as well agree that it’s not as joyful if it’s buried somewhere (most of the time) or interlaced with your necklace. I’m sharing some easy storage hacks that I use to keep my jewelry organized and it has been working pretty well for me. 

For your earrings and rings

This tray organizer works well for both earrings and rings. Because there are no compartments, you can layout earrings of any size. It’s super easy to grab from and put it back. 

It’s so sleek that you can keep a couple of these stacked on top of one another. With your work accessories always on the top, you could shuffle it back over the weekends. 

By laying it out flat, you could also see how it looks compared to the relative options that you’re exploring in your mind. 

Be sure to place it close to where you get ready because otherwise, it defeats the purpose. 

For travel purposes, the compartmentalized and closed boxes are more suitable. (Picture below)

For your necklaces

To keep my necklaces from mixing up and make them easily accessible, I use this sturdy necklace holder.  The base of this could be used for rings and earrings, which makes it multi-purpose as well. Especially when you have a necklace that has matching earrings. 

Protip: Remember to hang the longest one on the inner end and continue in that order based on the length of the necklace so it’s easy to pull it out!