Scarf organization and home decor: 2-in-1

Scarf organizer ladder

Oh, the lovely scarves that we all own! And they somehow never wind up at the right time. How nice it would be to display all of them on a stand for a quick grab and go. Um, well who needs another piece of furniture?! Is it really worth it?

Most likely, yes! Here’s why and some quick tips:

  • If you’re going to use a ladder piece (like the one shown below), it will be easier to display most of your scarves. It’s also much easier to grab or place the scarves compared to hanger a loop where we struggle with thicker scarves. With a strategic placement based on your home layout, you could use this piece to add a touch of decor to your space. 
  • You could even tag the tiers of the ladders to hang specific types of scarves next to each other, for instance, cotton, silk, wool, etc. This will save you time every single day of fall and winter. 
  • Try keeping the similar shades closely. This will help you make a quick connection when you’re deciding to pick a scarf that goes with your outfit of the day and also the weather outside. Who doesn’t like being more decisive?
Scarf organizer ladder
Scarf organizer ladder
  • Not just for scarves!  This 5.5 ft Blanket Ladder is multipurpose, and you can use it for other things as well, such as denim or belts. 
  • Best of all, a ladder piece like this one takes very little room and saves you the real estate of your closet (don’t hide them inside please) as well as your room, by utilizing the vertical space. 

Show these little bundles of joy some love, and they will keep you happy for sure!