The Best Lip Care Routine I Have Ever Tried

If you get to pick just one thing from your makeup caboodle, what would that be? 

I would probably go for a lip gloss. 

Or a matte lipstick

Or colored lip balm. Something for my lips. 

And what to put on will depend on how long I want for it to stay. Plus, I would think what to highlight–is it the shape or the sheen. Maybe I would try to play along with my mood. Oh, and most importantly, what’s my lip condition. I would never put matte when my lips are even slightly chapped. 

But remember how sometimes we are tempted to use a shade in matte and at the same time we want to look glossy and feel hydrated. 

I’m sharing my favorite hack to deal with this “all of the above” situation. 

Get in the habit of using a  lip oil

Ulta Beauty Juice Infused Lip Oil

I don’t splurge on this one. The basic lip oil from Ulta Beauty works great. I apply it as a base. It gives me the moisture and the dewy look I need. Plus, it blends well with any most of the shades. It often accentuates the appearance of the lipstick. I have noticed that it also makes the lip color long-lasting. 

What else do you need, girl? Yes, exactly, that’s the smile I was looking for on your face.