Why You Should Redo Your Closet Organization Often

Closet organization and hacks

Have you ever thought about how much time and energy you spend on a regular day on finding things? And then getting frustrated about the inability to make the right call because you didn’t have what you needed at a particular time. We’re always on a time clock and our needs are primarily driven by urgency.  

I once bought this gorgeous scarf and I placed it so carefully in my closet that I could never grab it in the morning rush hour.  Sounds like your story? After multiple rounds of effort on making things work out for me, over a course of time, I have found that you could make this nightmare go away by just adopting a handful of hacks, understanding the things to consider and investing in a few simple things

There is no limit to how organized and efficient you can get. You could always do more. Start small. Where you start depends on your current lifestyle, the phase of life you’re in and the lifestyle you aspire to acquire. 

Work with what you have. You don’t have to start with a fancy custom closet to make your life better. Take incremental steps. As you’re trying to make this work for yourself, you would require course corrections. 

As blessed we feel to be women, we have some unique challenges of pairing the outfit with the right liners, lingerie, footwear, accessories, makeup…the list really depends on our needs, mood, and whatnot. So many variables to deal with! 

I’m in a 9 to 5 corporate job which is very demanding, to say the least. I also commute 100 miles to and fro 3-5 days a week. Public transportation is a part of my life. This means I cannot just drive back home midway if I felt I needed to grab a warm jacket or different socks. When this happened quite a few times, I decided to stop whining about my situation and take charge of this.  

We all know there are more and better organizing solutions are available out there. But often, we fail to prioritize taking the next steps that will make it our everyday life better. Every time I have done it, I feel it’s very rewarding for sure. 

Before we start buying stuff for the holiday, let’s make sure we’re making use of what we already have, donating stuff that we have not been using, and making room for new additions. 

Here are some of the small steps that I have taken to stay organized. If you also have been pushing this for a while, I’m hoping it will motivate some of you.